Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Almost There!

Ok, folks...I know it's been awhile since I've updated you on our progress. Sorry for being MIA! We are in the final stages of building and moving closer to closing. Unfortunately, the holidays caught up with us and we did not make the Christmas deadline, however our home is looking more and more beautiful everyday! I can't wait to move in! Here is what it looks like now...

Flooring in Sunroom 

Exterior...the portico is completed now. Just haven't been able to get an updated pic!


Love the checkered floor! Can't wait to bring in my colorful decor!

Side view of entryway and staircase


This runner is one of my favorite items in the home!

I love my kitchen! The morning room has a wall of floor to ceiling windows that are absolutely gorgeous! 
View of kitchen and morning room.

Square pedestal sink. I also upgraded all doors to 5 panel raised doors. Love them!!!

This is the combo micro and wall oven. The door the oven is in the pantry...I guess they'll be installing soon! 

The door to this oven is in there too! Yes, we have 2 ovens! 

Back staircase 

Second floor hallway


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