Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Almost There!

Ok, folks...I know it's been awhile since I've updated you on our progress. Sorry for being MIA! We are in the final stages of building and moving closer to closing. Unfortunately, the holidays caught up with us and we did not make the Christmas deadline, however our home is looking more and more beautiful everyday! I can't wait to move in! Here is what it looks like now...

Flooring in Sunroom 

Exterior...the portico is completed now. Just haven't been able to get an updated pic!


Love the checkered floor! Can't wait to bring in my colorful decor!

Side view of entryway and staircase


This runner is one of my favorite items in the home!

I love my kitchen! The morning room has a wall of floor to ceiling windows that are absolutely gorgeous! 
View of kitchen and morning room.

Square pedestal sink. I also upgraded all doors to 5 panel raised doors. Love them!!!

This is the combo micro and wall oven. The door the oven is in the pantry...I guess they'll be installing soon! 

The door to this oven is in there too! Yes, we have 2 ovens! 

Back staircase 

Second floor hallway


Friday, December 13, 2013

Progress: Driveway, Kitchen and Paint!!!

The driveway is in and the two tone paint is happening now!!! The goal is to be in by Christmas. Let's go!!!!

Walkway to front door




Half wall and columns in master bedroom

View of entry and dining room from the living room...

Kitchen layout w/out granite and lights

Kitchen Pantry

The Kitchen! Love it!!!

Guys installing granite....

View of granite over hang and morning room

View from dining room

Exterior view


Master Closet

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Moving Right Along!!

The house is taking shape faster than expected. See the progress below since my last post!


Family room view from above. 

Master bedroom and sunroom. 

Master bedroom 

View of dining room

View of side yard from the second floor



Sunday, December 1, 2013

Drywall and beyond!!!

We have Walls! The house is finally coming together and it's looking oh so lovely! 

Hubby inspecting the kitchen!

View of kitchen and morning room (right). There will be a 5x5 island right in the middle. The pic does not due the true size of this space justices. It's much larger in person! 

Pantry straight ahead, and fridge area with extra cabinetry and prep counter on the left.
 You can see the garage entry to your far left. 

Morning room view. The granite counters will hangover into the morning room at bar height. 

View of family room, kitchen and morning room. I love the openness!!

View of 2 story family  and fireplace- I can't wait to see my massive custom mantel installed! 

Family room view.  Those big windows are so alluring and the view is absolutely breathtaking! 

Side view of family room with vaulted ceiling. You can see the second floor hallway bridge in the upper right hand corner. 

And here is the view of the family room from the second floor hall bridge. How high! How massive! 

Side view of family room from the second floor. 


Skylights and vaulted ceiling in sunroom

Sunroom view, looking into living room while hubby inspects the work. 

View of entryway, main staircase and dining room from the living room. Dining room is beyond staircase.

Basement view #1. 

Basement view #2. 

Basement view #3. 

Basement view #4 staircase and my sitting area way from the "man cave."

View of back/secondary staircase from the kitchen.

Main staircase in entryway. 

View of entry from the second floor.

View of the office from the main entry.

View of dining room.

View of sunroom entry via living room. 

Living room view with large arched window. 

Second floor hall bath, with sailor window. Love it!

Second floor hall bridge. This separates all 3 bedrooms from the master! 

Master closet. Love it!!!!

Hubby entering his "throne room." AKA powder room in master bath. I customized this toilet room to ensure that it had a decent size window installed. Fresh air is a necessity! 

View of master bedroom from the master bath. 

View of master bedroom from the entry point.